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"Ask Donnie"

​Over the years, I've had friends and family ask me two things time and time again: "How to" perform a home repair themselves or "The repair man said he needs to...does that sound right to you?" This is why we have started our newest service, "Ask Donnie". With todays tough economic situation, this has become a highly requested service!

Don't trust the handyman?:

We have all been at the mercy of the handyman, wondering "Does he know what he's doing?" or "Am I paying more than I should be?" When it comes to an issue like this, nothing could be more helpful than the thoughts of an expert.  Use the form below to send me an email or call us at the office to discuss these issues and get advice first!

The Do-it-yourselfer:

Some projects can be done by yourself, with a little guidance. Call me today and I will come to your home and guide you through your task from tools to techniques, so you can finish your project in no time! Use the form below to send me an email or call us at the office to set up a consultation and save yourself some hard-earned cash!

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Protect yourself with these simple tips:
1. All builders and inspectors MUST be Licensed. 
2.  All specialty Contractors must be certified.
3.  When the cost of a project is more than $5000, an individual must be a Licensed Home Builder or                Certified General Contractor.
4.  When the cost of a project is more than $200, the Specialty Contractor MUST be registered. When the        cost of the project is over $5000, the Specialty Contractor MUST be Certified and obtain a Surety Bond prior to        the job.
5.  A Specialty Contractor CANNOT add additions on to a residence.
6.  A Specialty Contractor can only be registered in (3) classifications. 

7.  Always have a set of plans and/ or specifications for each project. Have a clear signed contract with builder.
8.  NEVER use a verbal agreement, estimate or contract.
9.  If you are not sure the Builder is Licensed or Certified, ask to see his/her pocket-sized card.
10. NEVER let a builder talk you into obtaining your own Building Permit in your name. This DOES NOT save you             money and it's against the law. 
If you allow an unlicensed Builder or Specialty Contractor to do any work on your home or building, the Residential Builders Commission or the SC Contractor's Licensing Board CANNOT help you with any problems that may arise in the construction, repair and /or warranties on your building or project.
This information is provided to protect you, the consumer, as a courtesy of              
 Moore Quality Builders, LLC.



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